Futch Press Journal

An online journal of experimental & innovative poetics publishing at the intersection of the creative and critical. Think experimental essays, errata,  hyphens, notes, oracular orations, sermons, worms, & other unpaid-for breakages. 

Work by neurodiverse and / or queer writers-poets-others is especially welcome.

We really want to read or see or listen to your work.

Contributions to the Futch Press Journal are OPEN.

To send an expression of interest or sample of work to the journal please use the contact form or e-mail (PDF or Word if an attachment) in the first instance to: futchpress[at]gmail.com


The print-based arm of Futch is limbering up, preparing to publish limited-edition poetry pamphlets. We're not quite there yet, so hold your horses & keep your pamphlet proposals on the shelf for now.